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Automatic water level module

An automatic water level controller is a device that is used to monitor and control the water level in a tank or container. It is a very useful.
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NamAutomatic water level

Introduction Automatic water level :

An automatic water level controller is a device that is used to monitor and control the water level in a tank or container. It is a very useful device that can help save water and energy by automatically regulating the water level in a tank.

When the water level in a tank reaches the desired level, the automatic water level controller will automatically shut off the water supply. This helps prevent the tank from overflowing and wasting water.

The functioning of the automatic water level controller is quite simple. It consists of two main components: the water level sensor and the control unit.


  1. Input Voltage: 240V AC
  2. Output Voltage: :240V AC
  3. Sensor Type: :Float Switch
  4. Operating Mode: : Automatic / Manual.
  5. Indication Type: :LEDs.
Automatic water level module

Circuit Operation:

A probe is used to switch the motor off and on by assigning it to various levels in the tank. Whoever the probe hits these levels the motor will turn off and on. In a single-point probe sensor work principle, a low alarm sensor will trigger an LED light on the control board.

automatic water lavel controller module circuit operation

Automatic water level controllers are the product that was created to automatically control a motor, which helped to ensure a constant reserve of water in the storage tank. These automatic water level controllers are used automatically to fill the overhead tank when it has become empty monitor the water level in it.

Automatic water level controllers switch the motor on whenever the water level drops below a certain level and shut the motor off when the water rises well above a fixed level. The motor will also switch off when the sump water is exhausted before it fills the overhead tank, or if the pump is running dry as well as maintains voltage fluctuations. These are state-of-the-art advanced, digital technology micro-controller-based products. This system is quite versatile. There are also custom-made variations such as control of multiple pumps or multiple tanks.

Water is a gift from the god and it shall not be wasted. the most houses, we have a water tank that is filled for regular and daily use of the water. We would switch the water motor on and keep track of the thirteen to ninety minutes for the tank to fill up. Sometimes, the water fills the tank too fast and too slow, depending on the amount of water remaining in the tank. The rest of the storage tank water would be wasted. Sometimes, you have been to take a bath, but your water tank is fully empty. To resolve this issue, there is an automatic water level controllers. There are a lot of ways to count water levels. Here we discover the work principle of three or more different types of water level controllers.

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How the Automatic Water Lavel Work:

It displays the level of the water and when it is at the lowest level; the pump is activated automatically to refill the tank. When the tank is filled to its maximum capacity, the pump is automatically fully de-energized. Working on Water Level Sensor

The working principle of the water level sensor is that the sensor is put into a certain depth in the liquid to be calculated, and the pressure on the sensor's front surface is converted by the water level heights. He is the depth at which the sensor drops into the liquid.

if the water level seems too low, if the washer does not fill, auto-sensing helps stabilize the amount of water used. The washer senses the size of the load and adds the correct amount of water for the load size small or big. we may notice during a cycle that the wash load is not completely submerged in the water

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the conclusion of the water level indicator?

Conclusion. The water level indicator is the best electronic starter device for indicating the water level and saves water correspondingly. The LED blinks according to the level of water that reaches them and indicates the buzzing sound to stop pouring when it reaches its final limit.

What is the purpose of level control?

Fluid level control is a mechanism, device, or system that monitors, compares, and regulates the level of liquids or gases within a process to be set value. The level of measurement determines the position of the level relative to the tops or bottoms of the process fluid storage tanks or silos.

What is the objective of the water level controller?

The water level controllers that automatically adjust the water levels save energy. They do it by automatically turning off the motor when the tank is full and there is no water flow to the tank. This means has less water and energy are utilized to control a water suppled.

What is the maximum value of the water level sensor?

Max: based on testing, the max analog input value was - 430. The range of analog input is 0-1023, but the water level sensor has certain base resistances as well as the water/cables used. by default, the limit is set to half the max values. the level variable would hold the current C17 analog reading, initialized to 0.

How accurate is the water level sensor?

Percentage of Current in Water Level Measurement Ultrasonic sensors use sound waves to bounce off the surface of a liquid to tell you how much there is in the tanks. These liquid-level sensors can have resolutions as high as 0.1 in. (tow..5mm) and an accuracy of 0.25% of the detected range (current reading).

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