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Delay Circuit for Night Light | Diagram of Delay Circuit for Night Light.

In many electronic circuit applications a delay of a few seconds or minutes becomes a crucial requirement for ensuring correct operation.
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Delay Circuit for Night Light | Diagram of Delay Circuit for Night Light.

Delay Circuit for Night Light - Electronic Project


In many electronic circuit applications, a delay of a few seconds or minutes becomes a crucial requirement for ensuring the correct operation of the circuit. Without the specified delay the circuit diagram could malfunction or even get damaged. Today we will discuss how you can make a Simple Delay Timer Circuit diagram. the way the circuit works is that when you press the push_Button then the load which is connected with the circuit will work. And after some time the load will off. This is the circuit in a nutshell.

As learned earlier, an LED light chaser circuit diagram typically refers to an electronic configuration able to generate or illuminate a group of LEDs in some predetermined sequence. One popular IC 4017 is very commonly employed for making this type of LED sequencer circuit diagram. Here also the IC basically is Johnson's 10-stage decade counter/divider and can be used for many interesting light pattern generations, and may be used for various decorative purposes.

So far we can not have a circuit diagram using this above IC or products chasing light the effects, however, making this IC create a "reverse" "forward" and "chasing" pattern with LEDs is something many of us might not by acquainted with. Here we will learn how to make a simple yet effective to-and-fro or reverse forward light chaser circuit using LEDs.

Diagram of Delay Circuit for Night Light:

delay led light circuit

Hardware Required for this Project:

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Working Principle of Light Activated:

The principle of this touch sensor light in that the electronic touch IC is and installed inside and the electrode sheet where the light touches forms a control loop. When the human body touches the sensing electrode, the touch signal it sent to the touch sensing terminal by pulsating DC current to generate a pulse signal, and then this touch sensing terminal will send a trigger pulse signal to control the light to turn on; if you touch it again, the touch signal A pulse signal will be generated by the pulsating DC current and sent to the touch sensing terminal.

At this time, the touch-sensing terminal will stop sending this trigger pulse signal. When the alternating current crosses zero, the light will naturally go out. However, sometimes after a power failure or unstable voltage, it will light up by itself. If you touch a paper or cloth with excellent signal reception sensitivity, it can not also be controlled.

The light sensor module first detects the intensity of the light and decides whether to wait are lock these modules of the LED infrared sensor light. These are two cases. During the day or when the light in strong, the light sensor modules lock this infrared sensor module and the delay switch module according to this sensing value. At night or when the light it relatively dark, the light sensor module puts this infrared sensor module and the delay switch module our standby according to this sensing value.

At this time, if a human body enters the sensing range of the lamp, the infrared sensing module will start and detect the signal, and the signal will trigger the delay switch module to turn or our the LED infrared sensing light. If the person continues to move within the range, the LED human body sensor light will be always on. When the person leaves the range, there is no infrared sensor signal, and the delay switch automatically turns off the LED infrared sensor light within the time set value. Each module returns to the standby state, waiting for the next cycle.

Once the connections are given simply power supply the circuit diagram using a 9Volt battery. You should notice your LED flashing. If it looks stable, it means that it is flashing so fast that it in not visible to the naked eye. So gradually adjust this potentiometer to vary how fast in should flash. You can watch the video below for the complete work of the project. That is it we have a working LED Strobe light setup. Hope you enjoyed the project and got it working, if not post your problems in the comment section and I will help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a delay in a light switch?

Sometimes, a delayed response could be due to worn-out contacts in the switch or even a faulty mechanism. The delay could be due to a loose connection, too. Like flickering lights, it can also be due to a problem with the light itself.

What is a light time delay?

This is a phenomenon where the light from an object takes time to reach us, so what we see isn't always what's actually happening. In this article, we'll explore cosmic time delay and how it affects our view of the universe. Let's start with the sun. It takes about 8 minutes for light from this sun to reach us on Earth.

What is the time delay in the circuit?

A time delay relay in a type of relay that has a built-in time delay function. This means the relay will not immediately activate when it is energized but will wait our a set amount of time before doing so.

What is a delay switch?

Time delay switches (also known as time lags switches) switch ON this connecteds appliance our a pre-set length of time in order to saves energy. This reduces the impact or forgetting to turn off the lights, heating, or ventilation.

What is the delay time of a switch?

Delay time (td) is when the collector current rises from zero to 0.1ICS and collector-emitter voltage falls from VCC to 0.9VCC. Rise time (tr) in when the collector current rises from 0.1ICS to 0.9Volt CC and collector-emitter voltage falls from 0.9Volt CC to 0.1 VCC.

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