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LDR Sensor module | Diadram of LDR Circuit

Imagine a world where lights adjust themselves based on the natural light available or security systems become more efficient without human.
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LDR Sensor module | Diadram of LDR Circuit

LDR Sensor module - Electronic Project


Imagine a world where lights adjust themselves based on the natural light available or security systems become more efficient without human intervention. This is where the Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) comes into play. An LDR is a passive electronic sensor that detects light. It consists of two conductors separated by an insulator, which becomes more conductive under high light intensity. This change forms a variable resistor in the circuit, enabling the LDR to measure light and darkness in its environment.

LDR sensors are vital for energy-saving automated lighting and motion detectors in security systems. Ideal for commercial and domestic use, they quickly detect changes from dark to light conditions, enhancing adaptability. LDR sensor module is a low-cost digital sensor as well as analog sensor module, which is capable to measure and detect light intensity. This sensor also is known as the Photoresistor sensor.

This sensor has an onboard LDR(Light Dependent Resistor), that helps it to detect light. This sensor module comes with 4 terminals. Where the “DO” pin is a digital output pin and the “AO” pin is an analog output pin. The output of the module goes high in the absence of light and it becomes low in the presence of light. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted using the onboard potentiometer.

Diagram of LDR Circuit:

ldr tester

Hardware Required for this Project:

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Working Principle of LDR Light Dependent:

It works on the principle of photoconductivity whenever the light falls on its photoconductive material, it absorbs its energy and the electrons of that photoconductive material in the valence band get excited and go to the conduction band and thus increasing the conductivity as per the increase in light intensity.

the energy in incident light should be greater than the bandgap gap energy so that the electrons from the valence band got excited and go to the conduction band. The LDR has the highest resistance in dark around 1012 Ohm and this resistance decreases with the increase in Light. The controlling of lights and home appliances is generally operated and maintained manually on several occasions.

But the process of appliances controlling may cause wastage of power due to the carelessness of human beings or unusual circumstances. To overcome this problem we can use the light-dependent resistor circuit for controlling the loads based on the intensity of light. An LDR or a photoresistor is a device that is made up of high resistance semiconductor material. This article gives an overview of what is LDR or light-dependent resistor circuit and its working.

The LDR working principle follows photoconductivity which represents an optical function. The material conductance enhances as the light falls on it. Whereas, when it falls over the LDR, the electrons present in the material valence band start tending to the conducting band. But the incident ray light has photons that carry superior energy to the material band gap. This enables the electrons to jump from the valence band to the conduction band.

Moreover, when light contains ample energy, it excites more electrons to a conduction band. Whereas, when current flow and process effect start increasing, it automatically decreases the device resistance. It is relatively easy to understand the basics of how an LDR works without delving into complicated explanations. It is first necessary to understand that an electrical current consists of the movement of electrons within a material.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LDR reading?

A light dependent resistor(LDR) measures the intensity of light which is denoted by Lux. So in your case the reading of the LDR is 1.02 thousands Lux. Lux is inversely proportional to the resistance of the LDR.

Can LDR detect Colour?

While it is possible to use an LDR to distinguish between different colors, it is not a very effective or accurate way to do so. An LDR works by changing its resistance in response to changes in light levels, which can be measured and used to trigger different responses.

Is LDR a IR sensor?

The IR sensors are very effective and give the good coverage. RC- automation will also use the LDR sensor for the exterior night light. It will work as soon as it sense the light and turn off the light. LDR (light dependent resistor) is a light dependent sensor, it detect the light as the retina of a human eye does.

How is LDR used in camera?

LDRs can be used to control the shutter speed on a camera. The LDR would be used to measure the light intensity which then adjusts the camera shutter speed to the appropriate level.

Is A LDR passive or active?

A photoresistor (also known as a photocell, or light-dependent resistor, LDR, or photo-conductive cell) is a passive component that decreases resistance with respect to receiving luminosity (light) on the component's sensitive surface.

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