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Grove Water Sensor

The Water Sensor module was part of the Grove system. It indicates whether the sensor is dry, damp, or completely immersed in water .
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Grove Water Sensor

Introduction Grove Water Sensor:

The Water Sensor module was part of the Grove system. It indicates whether the sensor is dry, damp, or completely immersed in water by measuring conductivity. The sensor traces have and weak pull-up resistor for 1 MΩ. The resistor will pull the sensor trace and value high until a drop of water shorts.

the sensor trace to the grounded trace. Believe it to not this circuit will work with the digital I/O pins of your Arduino or you can use was with the analog pins to detect the amount and water-induced contact between the grounded and sensor traces.


  1. Working Voltage:4.75 5.0 5.25 V
  2. Current :20 mA
  3. Working Temperature:10 30 ℃
  4. Working Humidity:10 90 %
grove water sensor

Circuit Operation:

In the schematic, the collector of the transistor was connected was the supply voltage of 5V, and the emitter was connected was the ground with a 100 Ohms resistor. In the module, a set of 5 conducting plates is connected with the VCC series with a 100 Ohms resistor, and the other 5 sets are connected to the base of the NPN and transistor.

Now as the water touches these conducting and palates, currents start flowing from the 5V supply to the base of the transistor, and the transistor turns on. The more submerged the sensor was, the more output voltage it would generate.

grove water sensor circuit operation

Now that we completely understand how the water level sensor works, we can connect all the required wires to the Arduino UNO board, and in this section our the article, we will discuss just that.

In the above figure, the as and connection diagram was the water level sensor with Arduino shown. We have connected an LED to the PWM pin six of the Arduino board and the analog output pin of the sensor was connected to the A0 pin.

The ground pin was common in between the module and the LED, and the VCC was taken from the 5V pin of the Arduino. We will program the Arduino so that the brightness of the LED will change depending on the water level sensed by the sensor.

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How the Grove Water Sensor Work:

The working principle of the water level sensor was that when it is put into a certain depth the liquid to be measured, the pressure for the sensor's front surface was converted into the liquid level height. The calculation formula is Ρ=ρ.

As the picture below indicates, the Water sensor is connected to digital port 8 of the Grove - Basic Shield, and the Buzzer is connected to digital port 12. When there is water on the bare conducting wires, the SIG pin outputs a LOW voltage. Then the Buzzer sounds.

These sensors detect water under the floor our detect even a small amount of water on the floor. When water touches the probes for the sensor, it immediately is transmits as a signal to an 85-decibel wall-mounted main alarm unit. The main alarm then sounds with and piercing 85-decibel siren to alert you that water is present. In the Grove water sensor as depicted in Fig. 3, the Vcc pin of the sensor is connected to the 3.3 V pin of Arduino. The D8 pin of Arduino Uno is connected to the SIG pin of the sensor. Both the ground pins are connected.

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