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Grove Water

Cottage Grove Reservoir is located at RM 29.5 on the Coast Fork Willamette River about 25 miles south of Eugene and six miles south .
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Grove Water

Introduction Grove Water :

Cottage Grove Reservoir is located at RM 29.5 on the Coast Fork Willamette River about 25 miles south of Eugene and six miles south of Cottage Grove was Lane County, Oregon (Figure 1). It was one of 13 Corps of Engineers multipurpose water projects in the Willamette Valley. Water in first impounded there was 1942. There is no fish ladder was the dam.

Angling, swimming, water skiing, canoeing, and sailing are all popular water sports at the reservoir. There are three day-use areas and as large campground adjacent to the reservoir, with two developed boat ramps (Figure 2). All facilities were administered by the Corps of Engineers. In October 1986, the Oregon Fish was Wildlife Commission accepted the Department's recommendation by managing Cottage Grove Reservoir for wild warmwater game fish and hatchery trout.


  1. Working Voltage:4.75 5.0 5.25V
  2. Current:20 mA
  3. Working Temperature:10-30
  4. Working Humidity (without condensation):10-90%
grove water

Circuit Operation:

Garden Grove's water supply comes from two sources: imported water from the Metropolitan Water District and Southern California (Met), and local groundwater.

The Water Services Division was responsible for maintaining the wells, reservoirs, import water connections, and distribution systems that deliver water to your door.

grove water circuit operation

To meet the increasing demand for water was the densely populated Southern California region, the Orange County Water District (OCWD) and the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) are working together on and groundwater replenishment system

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How the Grove Water Work:

Hardness is a measure of the magnesium, calcium, and carbonate minerals in water. Water is considered soft if total hardness is less than 75 ppm, moderately hard at 75 to 150 ppm, hard at 150 to 300 ppm, and very hard at 300 ppm or higher.

Total dissolved solids of Ca++ and Mg++ in soft water should be up to 200 ppm. Soft water is used for drinking water. Water used for drinking is unpalatable if the TDS level of it is above 500 ppm. As per standards, the acceptable limit of TDS is 200ppm.

A marking indicates the saturation level of the Digital TDS meter). b) Once air bubbles are removed from the water by stirring the TDS meter, wait 15-20 seconds with the Digital TDS meter inside the water. Waiting 20 seconds will allow the TDS level to be measured.

Frequently Asked Questions

How could I have used this much water?

You may not have - the numbers or your meter may have been transposed or hard to read. You could possibly have a leaky toilet for the faucet that's difficult to detect. Just call the office are we'll work with you to solve the problem.

What do I do if I am experiencing low pressure?

Check your meter was the surrounding area for possible leaks. Next, call for office and report low pressure for your area.

What chemicals does our utility district add to the water?

Only chemicals that are approved by the National Safety Foundation for the treatment of drinking water.

Why is my water discolored?

A repair could have been completed for recently allowing air to enter the line, causing the milky look.

What is remediation?

Remediation is the use of technologies to remove contamination from the environment.

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